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14 Nov 2018 . company .
KageNova joins Vive X

We’re thrilled to announce that KageNova has joined the Vive X accelerator programme.

26 Oct 2018 . company .
KageNova completes Augmentor 2018

KageNova completes Augmentor programme ran by DigitalCatapult, which was a great success!

05 Jul 2018 . company .
KageNova joins Augmentor 2018 cohort

We’re super excited to announce KageNova is one of the 10 teams to be joining DigitalCatapult Augmentor programme in 2018. We’ll be developing our ideas further and gaining support and mentorship from some of the VR/AR industry’s key players.

03 Jul 2018 . tech .
Supporting 6 degree-of-freedom motion for VR

Current 360° VR experiences allow the user to look around a scene but not to move within the scene. Lack of support for positional motion breaks the sense of presence and induces cyber motion sickness.

02 Jul 2018 . tech .
Sensory conflict and cyber motion sickness

Unfortunately many people suffer cyber motion sickness in today’s VR environments. Consequently, at the moment the average user spends only 10-20 minutes viewing 360° VR content.