Sitara Emily Shah of Studio Art Brut recently redesigned our visual identity, giving us a new look and feel.

Here is a summary of the underlying rationale behind our new design:

“Kagenova creates alternate realities. Virtual and physical. Real and Imaginary. Light and Dark. This design concept explores the symbiotic relationship to these notions. Negative space is used to create connected, opposing shapes that form pairs of binaries. With a nod to astrophysics, these simple geometric shapes represent spherical celestial bodies. The spheres echo the core idea within Kagenova’s technology.” — Sitara Emily Shah, Studio Art Brut

Our new logos and visual identity have been created to reflect a friendly and open spirit, with an underlying focus on deep tech, which relates to our company ethos while combining with it the professional and user-friendly feel of our products and services.

We hope you like our new designs!