For a short period of time Kagenova is offering free early-adopter access to the alpha version of copernic360. By supporting 6 DOF motion, copernic360 allows you to walk into 360° photos and videos and move around to explore them.

copernic360 consists of two systems:

On the viewer side, copernic360 includes a game engine plugin (e.g. Unity) for ease of integration into other platforms. This game engine plugin exploits a physics-based approach to modelling motion combined with advanced computer graphics techniques to provide an efficient implementation.

On the processing side, copernic360 involves cloud-based AI techniques to process users’ 360° content, so that 6 DOF motion can be supported by the copernic360 plugin.

Bringing these two together we turn existing 360° content into explorable virtual worlds that the user can walk into to move about, investigate and interact with. copernic360 creates a greater sense of realism and self and, even more critically, eliminates the cyber motion sickness that many users suffer from, allowing users to spend more time in VR enjoying 360° content.

Sign up here to try the free, early-adopter alpha version of copernic360.