When designing copernic360 we took great care to ensure that using it is as easy as possible. In particular, we’ve streamlined the process to integrate the Unity plugin into existing projects. We want our customers to focus their efforts on creating great 360° content, not on additional Unity development.

However, we realise that it’s better to show than tell, so we’ve now created a video tutorial that walks you through the integration process. The video shows you just how quick and easy integration is – it can be done in 5 minutes!

If you haven’t signed up for copernic360 yet, we hope this video gives you an idea of what exactly is involved in using it. And if you have, the video should help you get up and running very quickly.

Here’s what the developer of our first pilot for Reality Check Productions had to say about the integration process:

“Integrating corpernic360 into our project was a really straightforward process. The example scene and documentation were great to get us started, and with some minimal scripting, we were able to get the plugin to work in our fairly complex 360 project in less than an hour.” — Emanuel Tomozei, Co-Founder & Lead Developer, Insilico