Today’s 360° VR experiences allow the user to look around but not to move around. They support only 3 degree-of-freedom (3DOF) motion. copernic360 retrofits 6DOF motion to 360° content, so that the user can not only look around but can also move around to explore the scene.

copernic360 is powered by novel AI techniques to perform depth estimation on 360° content, from which we construct approximate geometry of the scene. We then allow the user to move around within that representation of the scene.

copernic360 consists of two systems. On the viewer side, copernic360 includes a game engine plugin (e.g. Unity) for ease of integration into other apps and platforms. On the processing side, copernic360 involves cloud-based AI techniques to process users’ 360° content so that 6DOF motion can be supported by the copernic360 plugin.

At the moment we are running an early adopter programme and for a limited time copernic360 is completely free. We’re running a number of pilots to get copernic360 in use and to gain feedback on how we can improve it. To get a free demo of copernic360, just click here and complete the form. If you would like to set up some of your own content using our Cloud AI content processing service you can do so by .

We recently announced copernic worlds, which builds on the underlying technology of copernic360 to allow you to move anywhere in large-scale virtual worlds, which are constructed purely from 360° photos and/or videos. If you’re interested in finding out more about copernic worlds please get in touch.