copernic360 allows your users to walk into or lean into your 360° VR experiences. It achieves this by bringing 6 degree-of-freedom (6DOF) motion to your existing 360° VR experiences.

This makes for experiences that are more natural, by eliminating cyber motion sickness, and more engaging.

copernic360 can thus help to grow your user base and allow your users to spend more time in VR.

For a limited time we are running an early-adopter programme where access to copernic360 is completely free! You’ll start with 100 free credits for content processing.

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copernic360 brings movement to your 360° VR experiences, allowing your users to walk into your content. This eliminates visual-vestibular conflict, the biggest cause of motion sickness in today’s experiences, and greatly enhances the user’s sense of immersion and presence.

Brings movement to the scene

Eliminates cyber motion sickness

Enhances presence

copernic360 slots seamlessly into your existing pipeline to exploit the capabilities of the latest hardware. New standalone devices now support 6DOF at the hardware level for the first time. However, 360° content is 3DOF. copernic360 provides the missing component, bringing new life to existing content by retrofitting it with 6DOF.

Enhances existing content

Runs on existing hardware

Fits into existing workflows

Democratises content creation

copernic360 in action

Hardware supported

RiftRift SQuest
ViveVive ProVive Focus
Valve Index
Lenovo Mirage Solo

Integration tutorial

When designing copernic360 we took great care to ensure that using it is as easy as possible. In particular, we’ve streamlined the process to integrate the Unity plugin into existing projects. This video tutorial shows you just how quick and easy integration is.