Engineering interactive realism for next-generation immersive experiences

KageNova is developing core technologies to engineer interactive realism for next-generation immersive experiences, such as virtual and mixed reality.


KageMove brings 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) motion to 360° VR experiences to allow users to move freely in scenes.

By providing 6 DOF, KageMove creates greater presence and reduces cyber motion sickness.

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If you’d like to discuss KageMove further or arrange a demo just drop us a message.


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05 Jul 2018 . company . KageNova joins Augmentor 2018 cohort

We’re super excited to announce KageNova is one of the 10 teams to be joining DigitalCatapult Augmentor programme in 2018. We’ll be developing our ideas further and gaining support and mentorship from some of the VR/AR industry’s key players.

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